from hidden gems to selfie-seeking superstars

The advent of social media platforms has undeniably transformed the way DJs are perceived in the modern era. While these platforms have opened up new avenues for exposure and fan interaction, there is a growing concern about the toxic effects of the hype surrounding DJs.

Gone are the days when DJs worked in hidden rooms, solely focused on the music. The present culture of hand flicks, exaggerated motions, and self-centeredness deviates from the essence of DJing. The authentic experiences of the past would have astounded those enamored with the current narcissistic trends. Today's club videos reveal a concerning shift in priorities. Instead of dancing, people are busy smoothing themselves up front while recording the DJ on their smartphones. The rise of Instagram and TikTok has given birth to a new wave of DJs driven by popularity and attention. However, many of these self-proclaimed DJs lack the necessary musical knowledge and skills. Their presence dilutes the art form, eroding the true essence of DJing. The stage-centric culture, where DJs are on display, detracts from the true purpose of DJing, emphasizing image over connection with the music and the crowd. Fortunately such places have not fully disappeared. The old standard became today's underground.

Imagine DJs returning to their roots, facing the speakers with their eyes on the dancers. By focusing on the music and creating an environment for people to express themselves freely, DJs can reignite the untamed energy of the dancefloor. This shift would bring back the immersive and inclusive experiences that have been overshadowed by the current obsession with attention-seeking behavior.

Other aspect that has been grossly misunderstood by audiences is the role of DJs. DJs are not jukeboxes or YouTube playlists at your private party. Their profession lies in reading the crowd, sensing the vibe, and adjusting the energy accordingly. These requests often prove to be insignificant, disregarding the DJ's expertise and years of preparation for the event. If the DJ's style doesn't tickle your fancy, why not take a spin as a DJ yourself and grace us with your impeccable taste in music? There must be some people eagerly waiting for your transformation into the ultimate music curator.