a musical time capsule finally released
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"Bridis of Bodoas," my EP that was completed back in 2005 but has finally found its way to all major streaming platforms. This collection of tracks holds a special place in my heart, and I am excited to share the musical journey with all of you. Join me as we delve into the world of "Bridis of Bodoas" and explore the unique sounds and stories behind each track. Each track carries a piece of my heart and soul, reflecting different aspects of my expression. Whether you find solace in the introspective tones of Heartbreak, lose yourself in the guitar-infused melodies of La Guitarra, I hope that this EP resonates with you and adds a touch of magic to your musical journey.

  • Heartbreak: This lo-fi music takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, starting with a sense of anxiety and gradually building up to an uplifting and positive vibe.
  • La Guitarra: Drawing inspiration from my love for guitar-driven music, this electronica track combines intricate guitar melodies with pulsating electronic beats. The fusion of these elements creates a landscape that invites listeners to lose themselves in the music.
  • The Music Will Survive: This track embraces the essence of vocal house. Its infectious rhythms serve as a reminder that music has the ability to bring joy and unite people across boundaries.
  • Industrial Injury: This track pushes boundaries with its raw energy, pounding beats, and gritty industrial soundscapes to the untamed chaos.
  • La Guitarra Remix: Building upon the foundation of the original track, this remix infuses it with an elevated energy. The guitar melodies take on a new life, making it a dancefloor composition.
the ominous dance of artificial dominance
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Picture a world where DJs and artificial intelligence lock horns in a chilling dance-off. As technology infiltrates the DJing scene, a grim reality emerges: AI threatens to snatch away cherished DJ skills. In this tense atmosphere, let's explore which abilities DJs may surrender to AI and which ones defiantly resist its clutches.

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AI's rise shakes the foundation of DJing. Track selection, once DJs' pride and joy, now faces a new master. AI algorithms analyze massive music libraries, crunching numbers to serve up custom sets with ruthless efficiency. The DJ's connection with the crowd fades as AI's cold calculations take center stage. Beatmatching and mixing, those awe-inspiring skills, fall under AI's spell. Algorithms flawlessly sync beats, surpassing human capabilities. DJs' late nights perfecting transitions seem futile against AI's emotionless precision. Even transitions, once a DJ's secret weapon, now become AI's playground. Algorithms dissect songs, harmonies, and tempos, executing flawless mixes with mechanical perfection.

But fear not, for DJs cling to their human essence, safeguarding certain skills. The sacred bond between DJ and audience remains untouched by AI's reach. DJs tap into the raw energy and unspoken emotions, crafting experiences that transcend algorithms and touch the human soul. Room reading, a mysterious talent possessed by DJs, eludes AI's grasp. While machines crunch data, they remain oblivious to the intangible vibes of a live audience. DJs possess an intuitive sense, adapting their selections to suit the room's unspoken energies. And what of creativity? AI may attempt to mimic remixing and mashups, but true artistic expression eludes its sterile grasp. DJs embody experimentation, breathing life into tracks with their magical touch. They are the conduits of emotion, architects of sonic journeys that defy AI's cold calculations and stir feelings beyond its comprehension.

In this eerie confrontation between DJs and AI, the dancefloor becomes a battleground. As the ominous dance between human and machine unfolds, the outcome remains uncertain. Will DJs navigate this treacherous landscape and preserve the essence of their craft, or will they succumb to the shadows of artificial dominance? Only time will tell.

from hidden gems to selfie-seeking superstars
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The advent of social media platforms has undeniably transformed the way DJs are perceived in the modern era. While these platforms have opened up new avenues for exposure and fan interaction, there is a growing concern about the toxic effects of the hype surrounding DJs.

Gone are the days when DJs worked in hidden rooms, solely focused on the music. The present culture of hand flicks, exaggerated motions, and self-centeredness deviates from the essence of DJing. The authentic experiences of the past would have astounded those enamored with the current narcissistic trends. Today's club videos reveal a concerning shift in priorities. Instead of dancing, people are busy smoothing themselves up front while recording the DJ on their smartphones. The rise of Instagram and TikTok has given birth to a new wave of DJs driven by popularity and attention. However, many of these self-proclaimed DJs lack the necessary musical knowledge and skills. Their presence dilutes the art form, eroding the true essence of DJing. The stage-centric culture, where DJs are on display, detracts from the true purpose of DJing, emphasizing image over connection with the music and the crowd. Fortunately such places have not fully disappeared. The old standard became today's underground.

Imagine DJs returning to their roots, facing the speakers with their eyes on the dancers. By focusing on the music and creating an environment for people to express themselves freely, DJs can reignite the untamed energy of the dancefloor. This shift would bring back the immersive and inclusive experiences that have been overshadowed by the current obsession with attention-seeking behavior.

Other aspect that has been grossly misunderstood by audiences is the role of DJs. DJs are not jukeboxes or YouTube playlists at your private party. Their profession lies in reading the crowd, sensing the vibe, and adjusting the energy accordingly. These requests often prove to be insignificant, disregarding the DJ's expertise and years of preparation for the event. If the DJ's style doesn't tickle your fancy, why not take a spin as a DJ yourself and grace us with your impeccable taste in music? There must be some people eagerly waiting for your transformation into the ultimate music curator.

evolving techniques and other passions
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DJing is an art form that has evolved tremendously over the years. From vinyl turntables to digital controllers, the equipment and techniques used by DJs have undergone significant changes, but one thing that remains constant is the ability to move and captivate a crowd with music. As a DJ, you have the power to set the mood and take people on a journey with your selections, creating a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved.

While being a DJ can be a full-time job, many DJs have other interests and activities that they pursue alongside their music career. Some DJs are artists, writers, or even working for a financial sector. Though finding time to perform regularly and share their passion for music with others can be challenging.

So, if you're a fan of electronic music, don't worry if your favorite DJ seems to be focusing on other activities at times. They'll still be bringing their A-game to the club or festival near you, sharing their love for music and creating an unforgettable experience for you and everyone else in attendance.

live performances on soundcloud
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It's always exciting to have a live gig recorded, and I'm thrilled to announce that two of my recent performances are now available for listening on SoundCloud.

First up is a 3-hour live mix from the Halloween party on October 31st, 2022. This spooky set is filled with a mix of Halloween-themed tracks and crowd favorites that are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. The mix featuring the latest and greatest hits in the electronic dance music scene and it's perfect to get you into the party mood.

Next up is a 5-hour live mix from the 50 Shades party on December 19th, 2022. This sensual set is perfect for setting the mood, whether you're looking to heat things up on a date night or just want to enjoy some seductive beats while you work or relax. You'll hear a mix of smooth electronic and house tracks, with a sprinkle of some retro-remixes.

Both recordings are a great way to relive the experience of the live gig, or to hear the music if you weren't able to attend. I hope that my music on SoundCloud will give you a taste of the energy and atmosphere of the live events, and I look forward to playing for you again in the future. You can check these recordings on my soundcloud profile, please follow me to get the updates on upcoming live gigs and new mixes.

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As we welcome the new year, it's important to remember the power of positivity. The energy you put out into the world can have a profound impact on those around you, and choosing to focus on the good in life can help to create a more uplifting and enjoyable experience for yourself and those around you.

One way to cultivate positivity is to surround yourself with positive people and activities. Whether it's spending time with loved ones, engaging in hobbies you enjoy, or listening to music that lifts your spirits, surrounding yourself with positivity can help to improve your overall outlook on life.

As a DJ, I have a unique opportunity to spread positivity through the music I play. Whether I'm spinning at a club, a party, or a festival, the music I choose can set the tone for the event and create a positive and upbeat atmosphere for everyone in attendance.

Even when a new year's eve party has some technical glitches, the show must go on! Despite the challenges faced during the event, I was truly touched by the outpouring of positive feedback from those who attended. Your support and encouragement meant a lot to me, and I am humbled by the kindness and understanding shown by so many of you. I only stopped playing at 6.30am because physically I couldn't do any longer.

The new year is an opportunity for a fresh start, and choosing to focus on positivity can help to create a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for yourself and those around you.

So, let the positive energy flow, spread it among the crowd and enjoy the journey. Be the reason someone smiles today!