next gigs

  • June 10, 2023 - XL-S & Lounge, Saarbrücken


about me

  • I started working as a radio presenter when I was 14 at a radio that played house and dance music from the 90s and 00s giving me inspiration and influence in my musical genre.
  • I was DJing live (even with turntables back then) at radio stations and some clubs and local parties.
  • I made my own mashups and music in the early 2000s, but this passion of mine was faded out and forgotten for more than a decade while under Covid-19 lockdown I restarted DJing.
  • As an open format DJ, I play mashups, rare remixes of house, EDM, and some mainstream pop with r&b and hip-hop. Mostly upbeats, happy moods, some hits, and a few forgotten one-hit wonders. I like varying the genres and testing the audience.
  • When it comes to my own style it is mainly techno, tech-house and classic house music from the 90s-2000s. I am performing more and more with turntables and collecting vinyl records from that era.
  • I live and operate my life in Luxembourg and have a full time job in the financial sector. When I am not in the office however I enjoy a lot working with music, namely DJing in event, bars, and clubs.
  • Since 2021 I perform regularly in a club in Saarbrücken, Germany